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Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Information

What is Brazilian Capoeira?

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that was developed hundreds of years ago by the African slaves in Brazil. It is a beautiful and rich culture which includes not only kicks and takedowns, but also acrobatics, dances, and cultural movements. All of this is accompanied by traditional musical instruments and songs.

Why should I train Brazilian Capoeira?

Training Capoeira comes with so many benefits. CLICK HERE for a list of some of improvements your can expect to see.

Do I need to have previous knowledge in self defense?

No previous experience is necessary to start training Capoeira. Capoeira has so many aspects to it, that you will find something that plays to your strength. Our entry-level Fundamentals class will help you start and improve from whatever level you may be.

How does rank advancement work?

Rank advancement is offered about every 6 months to every student during an event referred to as a Batizado. During this traditional ceremony, students will participate in workshops and capoeira games as well as the actual rank advancement ceremony itself. This rank advancement is not only a great motivation for progression, but it is also a great time to meet and play with other capoeiristas (practitioners of capoeira).

What should I bring to class?

Capoeira includes a lot of movement. Please bring:

  • Clothes that allow easy movement.

  • A water bottle. 

Capoeira is traditionally practiced barefoot. If you prefer to wear shoes, please bring a separate pair of shoes that are only for the dance floor, so that we can keep our floor nice and clean. We recommend no socks on the dance floor as they provide little traction.

What should I expect when I come to the studio?

At our studio, you will find a welcoming community that is dedicated to working hard and improving ourselves. We focus on respecting our teachers, studio, and fellow students. Our goal in class is to improve our bodies and minds while having fun and building wholesome relationships. CLICK HERE to find the standards we strive to live by in our community.

How do I get started?

If you have no previous experience with Capoeira, the best way to start is to sign up for our Intro Program. You will get a private introduction lesson and studio tour, along with 2 weeks of classes for only $10! Click the button below to sign up now!

If you have trained Capoeira before, please CLICK HERE to contact us. We would love to meet you and help you find the class and level that would be best for you.

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