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Capoeira Kids

Ages 4-6 Years (1 time per week)

It is important to develop a healthy habit of movement early on in life. This fun class uses age-appropriate games and activities to help young children learn how to interact in a movement class environment. It incorporates aspects of martial arts, acrobatics, dance, and music. Come see us today and see how this class can benefit your child!

Youth Brazilian Capoeira

Ages 7-12 Years (2 times per week)

Your youth will love this fast-paced and engaging class! Students learn the basic movements of Capoeira and how to incorporate them into a game. They also learn the basics of the songs, instruments, and history of Capoeira. The activities and exercises used in Capoeira will help the students develop confidence and strength, as well as people skills, leadership, qualities, and good decision-making abilities. Schedule a time to come in and see for yourself!


Adult Brazilian Capoeira

Ages +12 Years (2-3 times per week)

Students will have fun, make friends, and get into shape with this well-rounded Capoeira class. They will learn the basic movements, music, and history of Capoeira, as well as learn effective techniques to train self defense, strength, flexibility, and agility. Each of these training exercises will encourage the students to learn to be a strong, confident, and well-rounded individual. Sign up to try a class today!

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